Myself, Dina Mercado from season 8, and my new friend Ashley

Myself, Dina Mercado from season 8, and my new friend Ashley
Say Low-Fat Cheesy!!

Myself, Ryan Kelley from season 2 of The Biggest Loser

Myself, Ryan Kelley from season 2 of The Biggest Loser
Look Mom, I'm taking my picture with Mrs. Tennessee!!

Myself, Sione and Felipe Fa from season 7, Dina Mercado from season 8

Myself, Sione and Felipe Fa from season 7, Dina Mercado from season 8
Go Blue!!

Myself, Ryan Kelley from season 2, and Tracey Yukich from season 8

Myself, Ryan Kelley from season 2, and Tracey Yukich from season 8
Erik I've got to tell you about Spaghetti Squash. . . It's really yummy!!

David Griffin from season 4 of The Biggest Loser

David Griffin from season 4 of The Biggest Loser
David that's some pear you got there!!

Myself and Liz Young from season 8

Myself and Liz Young from season 8
Erik, I'm one healthy momma now, I've been drinking almond milk!!

Myself, Dina Mercado and Liz Young from season 8

Myself, Dina Mercado and Liz Young from season 8
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. . wait a minute Dina Dina Dina and Liz Liz Liz! Don't they look great. . .Season 8!!

Myself, Dina Mercado and Filipe Fa

Myself, Dina Mercado and Filipe Fa
You're the man. . . Erik Chase!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

As the whole nation knows on Thursday June 25th at 2:15p.m., we lost a musical icon. As I watched the news footage of Michael Jackson's unfortunate demise, I was saddened with grief in my Spirit. Here was a man that God gave an incredible amount of talent to, people loved his music, chastised and ridiculed his contraversial behavior and times often erratic, and mourned him in his passing. How could someone so great lose his way. And as I continued to watch the overshadowing of his passing versus Farrah Faucett's passing, I have to question the significance of it all. People related to Michael because he was awe-inspiring, charismatic, and pushed the envelope in every aspect of his genre and career. . . but. . . what was missing? He had stated many times in award acceptance that his gifts were given by God, he had grown up in a Jehovah-witness very spiritual home support from his mother, and yet he was missing that close personal relationship with Christ. He would often compare himself to the Elephant Man being teased as a child by his father about his looks. Could he have been saved, I don't know. . . but. . . God showed me through this that when we take a look at ourselves in the mirror, what is it that we see? If it's not Christ, the Hope of Glory, then, nothing on this earth will ever sustain us. No amount of money, fame, notoriety, and the like will keep us from diminishing all of the talents that God gives us. . . unless. . . we know to trust Him. As the days and weeks pass just like other celebrities have gone before us, I feel that a great loss in the industry will be missed, and for the boy who never wanted to grow up, his talent will not be forgotten. What will you do? If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, get them help. . . your son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister need the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and maybe these unfortunate tragedies can be prevented before they even start!!!

In God We Trust,
Erik W. Chase

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's 2:00 a.m. Lord

I was trying to sleep, but God has been speaking to me. . . I thought that it was weird to be woken up again. . . but when God speaks, you listen. I'm encouraged about some events that will be happening in my life, and for once in my life God is telling me that I'm back on track. Do you ever feel that way, that no matter how many directions you get, you still end up lost? Well, I did. . . that is. . . until. . . you guessed it. . . I found God!! As I was driving home from work today, I was noticing a beautiful fireworks display. . . could it be. . . the fourth of July? No. . . however it was a marvelous fireworks display none-the-less. How interesting that after talking about fire in church yesterday that here we are looking at fire in the sky. Okay it's 2:00 in the morning. . . right. . . I got it. . . how does all this connect? Well, I'm getting to that. . . you know, people ramble at 2:00 in the morning, but God was showing me that it does not have to be the fourth of July for us to celebrate our independence. . . that's right. . . come on I'm going to spit this one out for you guys so that it can stick. . . listen to what God is saying. "It does not have to be the fourth of July to celebrate independence". He went on to tell me that independence started the day I sent My Son to wash away your sins by dying on the cross. The lightning during a storm kind of stands as a reminder of that. Let's think about this, I'll break it down for you:
Here are the similarities when you look at lightning in the sky to reminding us of Christ dying for our sins

1)Dark sky-Darkness or Sin, Lightning-Light in the Darkness, Jesus "lamp unto our feet"
2)When lightning strikes, it splits up the sky just like when the veil was torn when Christ was crucified---and---the lightning in the sky looks like. . . are ready for this. . . an earthquake
what happened when Jesus was crucified, there was a massive earthquake and the tremors or aftershock of the earthquake was felt in hell.

If you can think of more, let me know. . . I just think its awesome that God is and will always be!!
I'm learning a lot about my surroundings, and that God made all of this to admire. The next time you see a thunder storm think about what God is saying through all of it.

doh-sha-tah-go-ka-rashanne-ke-na-tah-shetah, yah-ta-na-sho-ra-kanay-da-na-shatia
Lord God I thank you for the storm, and let us be able to receive all the blessings that You have to offer to Your children, Selah!!

I'm ready for the rain---and---the Reign!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Ultimate Judge

I was reading in Judges, and I kept asking the Lord to give me inspiration about what I was reading. The Israelites started worshipping false gods and the main one was Baal. God didn't like that very well. . . so the question of the hour is why do you think He judges us?

The answer may seem difficult, but let's wrap our heads around this a little bit. Okay, God loves us unconditionally, and when we disobey him, it's like when a child disobeys a parent. We are under God, and therefore we are subject to his correction from time to time. Trust me, God does not want to chastise us, but sometimes it's the only way to get our attention. I remember my pastor say that "A child will still touch a hot stove even when told not too". Why? Because God gives us free will. . . His world is not a dictatorship! Are their consequences when we trust ourselves instead of God? Yes, and that my friends becomes our god! That's why people look at pornography, cheat on their spouses, become alcoholic, eat too much, cheat on taxes, spend too much money. . . when God is being ignored these gods (Sin) becomes the focus. Is there a solution? Absolutely, Proverbs 3: 5,6 says to "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lead not on your understanding. . . in all your ways acknowlege Him, and He shall direct your path". God loves us so much that he wants us to stay the course and trust Him. This is so powerful, that's all we have to do to have the wonderous things that we are so desperately searching for. God knows the desire of our heart. . . we just have to make sure that we have a pure heart in Christ, purging our flesh daily and receiving the Holy Spirit. Tasting the goodness of God's mercy and grace is truly a blessing, because the time is running out for God's patience with us!!

A word from the Lord:
The time is now my children to hear my voice
There will be a tidal wave coming to shore and the serge will be gigantic, but my children if you trust in me, I will deliver you through the storm
Draw near to me my children and I will draw near to you

What will you do when God calls on you?
Will you accept his promises and do what is asked
Or will you hide in the shadows
Remember God's patience is running thin and soon He will pour out His wrath
Do not sit on the sideline waiting for the blessing flow
Be able to ask for your blessing now
Call it into being

Lord, we thank you and we praise you. Surrounded by Your mercy and grace, with love we adore You! Lord I pray for our great nation, that You will pull us through when that storm serge comes through. Lord I thank You for Your provisions, Lord are cup is never dry with Your blessings--100 jars is more than enough!!
I pray for my beautiful wife that she knows that I love her as I love the church. She doesn't know all of the bad that I have done, I'm so unworthy to have her in my life! Thank You Lord for her, what an awesome woman of God. Today, I, through You, re-dedicate my life to You, so that I may be righteous again. I never wanted to hurt You God, but I did. I'm sorry Father, please forgive me, You are first in my life. . . Always!!

To my friends, and you know who you are. I thank God for the family of four that has been a family founded on the Rock!! To invite us in as God would, and to welcome us with open hearts and arms--Thank You!!! God says to not worry My son, for a job has been provided for you. Continue to write those wonderous works inspired by Me! I have not forgotten your prayer, and if you will be diligent and steadfast, it's coming---Thank You Jesus, Halleluah!!
To my pastors, thank You for instilling Christian Ethics and teaching us to Get Out Of Debt! We are the Body of Christ and everything we do, reflects on Him! It's time for Christians to stop being background and to start being a beacon of light! We are called by Him to minister to the masses, when we fall, others fall too! Trust me when I say that it hurts us believers more then it hurts non-believers! Again, time is running out and we have to step up our game and say and do Kingdom things and not worldly things!!

To God be the Glory

Monday, June 1, 2009

Headshots Are Done

Finally. . . Tah-Dah!! My headshots are done!!!

I went to have my headshots done today and man-oh-man. . . it's a lot harder than it looks lol!! Sit-a-Little, Sit-a-Little-More, Sit-not-So-Much, Turn-your-head-a-little, Turn-your-Head-a-Little-More, Too-Much-Head-Turning, Smile-A-Little, Don't-Smile-Like-That, What's-Up-With-Your-Eyes, Blink, Don't-Blink. . . Get the Picture, Ha I made a funny!!!!

Anyways, things are almost completed in the marketing stage of my acting career. We are well on our way to stardom. . . just kidding. . .correction. . . the phrase should go like this---"We are well on our way to King-dom"!!

In other news. . . I want to have T-shirts made of some awesome Christian concepts. . . Tell me what you think. . . Spread the word and the Word and we, fellow bloggers will vote on Shirts to be produced!!

They are as follows in random order:

1. Front---I'm not a US Citizen Back--My Citizenship Is In Heaven
2. Front---I'm not a Homo-Sapien (Mankind) Back--I'm a Heaven-Sapien (Heaven-Kind)
3. Front--(graphic of a fig leaf) Back---Who Told You, You Were Naked
4. Front--M2C4EVR = EL Back--Married to Christ Forever = Everlasting Life
5. Front-- (graphic of devil tangled in knotted rope) Back--Not God, Any Questions?

Let me know what you think. . . and I need followers. . . so I thought the voting will help viewers look at the blog. . . a winner will be chosen!!!

Tune in next time for another exciting blog on Erik's Acting Corner!!!!

Headshots Are Done

A different Poem Back Then

I was digging through some of my old poetry and book entitled "Reflections of Me", a collaboration of poems that I have written. . . and I stumbled acrossed this poem. Now, this poem can be viewed with some of my other works at, but man oh man what a difference in the way I feel today! The poem like all poetry is very real, and I guess at that time period of my life I felt like reaching out for help. Even now, I find myself kicking my feet along the pricks and thinking to myself "Did I fail?". . . The answer, No! Will I make mistakes in life? Absolutely! Will I wish that I could have done things differently? Most definitely!! But. . . In contrast to the prior. . . there is one absolute. . . God!! I have made some really foolish choices lately about finances, relationships--both personal and professional, attitudes and behaviors unpleasing to God. . . But. . . in contrast to again. . . God never fails, and because of His mercy and grace I am successful. Should I try to walk away from sin? Absolutely!! Should I try to be an awesome representation of His Greatness? Of course!! So, now the question should be. . . What am I waiting for? The answer. . . nothing, because God has already made it so!!

Thanks again God for loving me so much that You sent Your One and Only Son to die for me on the cross so that my life would be saved!!

Stayed tuned next time for another exciting blog from Erik's Acting Corner!!!

Success that Falls Short of Failure

Every hour of the day,
I get on on my knees to pray,
To the Lord for success.
Waiting for a sign,
Someday I will get mine,
For trying to do my best.
Victory is the sound I hear,
Yet I am overcome with fear,
Seeking to be like the rest.
Am I ever going to win,
In this game of life that I am in?
I feel the pain building up in my chest.
So am I destined for success?
The truth is that I am not.
Should I try to be the best?
Not when failure is all that I got.
So tell me now, how can I win?
Just keep on fighting and to never give in.